Lauraballa is a Painter and Illustrator. Her enchanted world is made of pieces of mirror, colours, designs and puppets which all work to reflect a playful linguistic significance mixing poetry, emotion and fragments of transfigured reality. The ‘alter ego’ of the artist are her iconographic subjects and personalities which are born in the meeting of the fantastic with the natural and culture that surrounds her, so as to positively inform the mind according to a peaceful and ecological conception.
We are introduced to decorations and figures in a universe populated by cats, fish, plants, birds, everyday objects such as tables and chairs that affirm other diverse and multiple points of view. This is a world where a child named ‘Francesco’ reflects on the planet “earth” and on the possibility of improving it; and where the “pup pets” and personalities of storytales, seen from other angles, introduce an unconventional form of beauty in which diversity is also normal.
The art of Lauraballa goes against the logic of appearances and reveals itself to be subversive in its disinchanted manner of giving dignity and normality to small things and peoples sentiments; in this sense her art is without prejudice because it is art that exists outside the concept of stylistic ‘genre’and social conditions.
The artist exhibits in art institutions as well as public spaces because she prefers her art to merge and exist as much as possible within the context of everyday life, through such widened context of experience the work assumes multiple significance.
The universe of signs and figures of the artist is the surreal world of the fairytale and narration, animated by individual and collective dreams, fears and desires. These figures always hide an ‘other’ appearance, legitimated by being legibile to children but that want to speak to the heart and mind of adults. G.C.
Translation by Leah Coffey


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